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Havoc Squad  -  The Havoc Squad is an elite Star Wars Battlefront clan for PC. We are a competit...
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Havoc, a well-known PC Battlefront clan, is founded on principles of courage, respect, and teamwork.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

As a Squad, we strive to remain a competitive icon, but we also make time for kicking back and having fun as a team. Our primary focus is to equip our members with the best support and training, so they succeed on the field of combat. Though our Squad has many talented players among our ranks - we welcome players of all skill: competitive or casual.

Havoc is a mid-sized group primarily ran out of North America, is growing to become a multi-national clan, with members spanning the globe. We are always looking for people who want to become members of the clan. One of our goals is to have a 24-hour operation, so members can represent our community at all times.

What we look for in our recruits is a positive attitude, team focuses, and a sense of respect. When you join Havoc, you become a part of our team and because of that we expect all members to represent our community name with maturity and professionalism.

We do have a set of rules, but overall we are laid-back. If you’re interested in joining our battlefront community - feel free to come to one of our recruiting servers or apply on our site.

We are currently recruiting for: Star Wars Battlefront by Dice